Best Tips For The Cold Season

Very often handkerchief and bed rests become your intimate friends during the cold season. The cause of that lies in trivial cold, infections and depression. As for men, they are not scrupulous about their health care. Nevertheless, no one would like to have even the slightest issues with the key indicator of their sexual strength, namely potency in future. When the weather is warm, organism is capable of managing such obnoxious factors as smoking, bad diet, lack of sleep, stresses, etc., but with cold seasons everything is much complicated.  Since it is difficult to cope with infections and viruses in the air, and in order to struggle against cold, an organism needs additional loss of energy and strength. Male sexual health is endangered as well. When there is a sub-zero temperature outside, representatives of stronger sex wear non-proper thin clothes and do not take care of their pelvic organs. This will be instantly reflected on male sexual health. But this is not the only reason of potency loss.

Cold Season

Let us examine the most frequently-met causes of cold season diseases:

  • Viruses

In autumn and winter bacteria become very active. Depending on the bacteria type, acute respiratory diseases are divided into:

  • Acute respiratory viral infections which include flue, adenovirus infection, rhinitis, and many others;
  • Micro-plasmatic acute respiratory disease (it is very rarely met);
  • Bacterial acute respiratory disease which are provoked by streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus and other bacteria.

Causative agents of ARD are passed to people by airborne transmission.

  • Weakening of immune system

As a rule, cold season weakens immunity. This happens due to deterioration of meteorological conditions.  At this time chronic sicknesses aggravate and latent infections awake.

  • Stresses

When it is cold, damp and grey outside, the spirits are low, apathy and excessive soreness occur. This leads to stresses which influence adversely the health of the whole our organism.

  • Lack of testosterone

This condition is physiological which may lead to erectile dysfunction. The reason is the decrease of production of the male hormone. Testosterone is produced less with onset of cold seasons, therefore a man is less sexually active.

Potency in Winter and Cold Autumn

Medical experts report that annual and day-night rhythms take impact on human organism. In accordance with their conclusions, winter and cold weather do not influence potency. The issue occurs in case of severe hypothermia. This period is dangerous for occurrence of diseases of genitourinary system including prostatitis. This disorder is hardly tolerated by men; moreover, the consequences of it are very often severe.

Cold period enhances depressed state, worsens mood, decreases sexual activity and causes sleep disorders. Many men feel faint and slack preferring to have a rest on the sofa in front of TV set and avoiding passionate nights. This is due to decreased level of testosterone in blood. Very often this condition disappears with the onset of spring. But it would be better if you help your organism stay alert and alive during winter time.

The reduction of testosterone in winter and autumn is the main reason of erectile dysfunction, decrease of libido and lack of pleasurable sensations during sexual intercourse. Also, a man may have a number of other symptoms, such as memory impairment, bad attentiveness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia.

Many men prefer not to wear warm long johns in winter considering that male sexual health will not be affected by cold. This neglecting may cause testicles undercooling. Experience has proven that hypothermia of men is fraught with undesired consequences. Men and especially the young ones want to underline their strength and disregard elementary methods of testicles undercooling prophylactics. But the cold time requires special attention of people to their clothing and health special care.

In case a man is not warmly clad, he wears tight trousers and linen in winter, this may lead to undercooling of scrotum which may provoke rather serious diseases:

  • Epididymitis;
  • Scrotal edema, pain and redness;
  • Various contagious diseases;
  • Prostatic gland inflammation;
  • Adenoma;
  • Thrombosis in the area of sexual organs;
  • Pathologic erection;
  • Infertility;
  • Impotency;
  • Cystitis;
  • Prostatitis – this is one the most serious consequence of scrotum undercooling. Quite often specialists diagnose symptoms of chronic prostatitis in men of 20-30 years of age. Moreover, if a treatment course is not initiated, a disorder may aggravate and end up with prostatic carcinoma. Prostatitis leads to potency disorders, such as absence of sexual desire, weak erection.

Since cold and potency are incompatible things, men who want to have children should take care of their sexual organs from undercooling.

To conclude, you shouldn’t be afraid of seasonal cold. But at the same time men need to help their organism stay in tonus even in winter. There are some simple rules that should be observed. Some men start taking medicines boosting erection, but it is possible to adjust right living and potency without additional remedies. Let us examine all methods further.

My Canadian Pharmacy Health Advice

In order to be sound, it is important to abide by the following recommendations.

Balanced diet is a way to health

In order to preserve health in winter time, it is necessary to have a right dietary regime. Specialists recommend eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, dehydrated fruits and other food rich in vitamins. The food should be cooked on low heat, since it will preserve more vitamins. Select hot dishes, hot pepper and garlic, since they warm organism perfectly. You should refuse sweets the excessive use of which may lead to obesity resulting in cardio-vascular diseases. It is recommended to eat honey, prune and bitter chocolate – they are useful for serotonin production for lifting the spirits.

Water and hydrotherapeutic procedures in winter

Many medical experts recommend taking hydrotherapeutic procedures. In order to avoid illnesses and have a perfect mood and immunity resistant to infection, it is important to take a contrast shower in the morning and herbal baths in the evening. Also, swimming pool has a positive impact on organism. Moisture balance of body should be maintained by means of drinking a lot of water even in cases when a person is not thirsty. Dry air at home in winter (heating services overheat it) may become a reason of evaporation of water in body. Therefore, a person should drink minimum eight glasses of water a day. Besides, water is useful for toxins clearance and allows coping with food digestion. Water is never amiss.

Skin moisturizing and physical activities

During cold seasons it is important to take care after your skin seriously. Cold influences skin adversely; therefore, one shouldn’t forget about daily moisturizing. Hydrating creams will help avoid slight fissures of skin and avoid destruction of its hydrologic balance. Physical activities will not only provide health and strong immunity, but also become a perfect mood formula. Men should limber up on a regular basis: stretch particular body parts and perform integrated exercises.

Fresh air and good quality sleep

It should be borne in mind that good sleep is a formula for health especially in winter period. It has to last a couple of hours more than in summer time. If an organism is tired, it is much harder for it to struggle against various viruses and infections. Fresh air is a vital resource of energy of organism. It helps refine lungs, provides organism with oxygen. Therefore you should walk a lot.

Keep warm

Always put on warm clothes, take care about all parts of your body: hands, feet, head, etc., help organism not waste its energy on giving warm. In order to keep your testicles from overcooling, your wardrobe should consist of a vast assortment from linen on out to upper winter clothing:  long johns, thermal underwear, warm trousers or jeans, sports trousers. Combination of comfort and heat is the most important advantage of clothes in winter.

Psychological comfort to cope with low libido

Comfortable psychological state is essential for winter time. Depressive mood and decreased libido reflect on potency and reduced sexual function. This is exactly winter time when men prefer relaxed watching of TV programs to passionate and frequent sexual intercourse. This winter condition is not dangerous, but quite physiological. The cause of it may be represented by decreased production of male hormone. Testosterone is produced in less quantity; therefore a man becomes less sexually active. Moreover, men have winter and autumn depressions, low immunity, insomnia, soreness and impaired memory. Along with warm season this condition disappears. But if sex disorders have a prolonged character and turn into erectile dysfunction, it is worth taking medicines for ED treatment, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These drugs are effective and allow restoring sexual functioning fast.

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