How to change the way of living to control impotency efficiently?

Control impotency efficiently

control impotency efficiently

The first thing you should do for the erectile dysfunction control, is to improve your way of living. To do that you would have to break off the bad habits, engage in active physical training, maintain the balanced schedule of work and rest and eat healthy. These changes in many cases provide the full restoration of the lost function, and the medical procedures are required rarely. Moreover, the full complex of these improvements of your way of living will reconstruct your organism fully, maintaining its youthfulness and health.

You should begin with the full smoking cessation. It is clear that doing it is often hard, though nowadays there is a number of methods that can help in this difficult matter.

At the beginning of smoking cessation you may establish a certain day that would be liberatory from cigarettes. Moreover, it is necessary that this date was delayed from the moment of decision for not more than 3 weeks. While approaching to this day you should gradually reduce the number of smoked cigarettes. When the day comes, it is necessary to engage in some activities and do not visit the places where others smoke.

You also may turn for help to specialists that will prescribe you efficient nicotine substitutive therapy. However, this way of treatment will not release you from the desire of smoking.

If you are a strong-willed person, you may try to give up smoking in the moment of the decision. This method is probably the most efficient, but at the same time it is quite difficult. Besides, you should know that the desire for nicotine may come back even after a few years, but it will be much weaker than before.

There is also a method of gradual smoking cessation. It consists of increasing the pauses between smoking from 1 hour to 1 day, and more with time.

If you feel that these methods are not appropriate for you, the best decision will be seeing a doctor who may prescribe you the sessions of hypnosis together with other helpful procedures.

The physical activity of you body is of great importance. Moreover, not only sexual function benefits from it, but also those systems and organs that influence the erection at least indirectly. Thus, the cardiovascular system strengthens, the influence of stress situations reduces, the mood improves, the body becomes more attractive, the more full blood oxygenation takes place, the percent of fat decreases and the sleep improves.

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You should perform physical exercises at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. In case it is to difficult for you, you should start from those periods of time that are appropriate for you, and gradually prolong the duration of physical activity to 30 minutes.

At the very beginning of your physical training you should engage in something more or less simple and complex, not loading yourself with a big number of repetitions. Moreover, it is necessary to follow a certain plan of action. First you should choose the activity you like. Besides, it should really bring you joy, otherwise it would be quite difficult to follow the schedule. It is necessary to devote time for physical exercises in your to do list. After that think about the place you will perform exercises.

If you have desire and money, you may choose the special gym, where your action will be monitored by an experienced coach. Also you should understand that the trainings should be regular, daily. This will help you to add them to your everyday life in the most harmonious way. In the case you think that you can perform exercise without any risk only under the constant control of the doctor, you should go to polyclinics, where you will be prescribed exercise therapy. During this therapy the physiatrist will constantly monitor your condition and correct the moments in training that you perform incorrectly.

The minimization of stress is also very important in the process of the optimization of your way of living. Although, of course, you cannot avoid it completely, and stress is the taste of life, as the scientists say. Besides, the ability to experience stress is the protective response of the body that lets a person respond to the changing environment timely by discharging catecholamines in blood that activate almost all systems required for saving life. However, it is necessary to understand that constant stress is very harmful for the organism. Thus, you should try to minimize it.

The first thing you should do for the minimization of stress is getting familiar with various methods of achieving the goal. You will have to use some of them in future. Then you have to spend a few minutes every hour or two to be alone, relax and just have moral rest. The open discussions with your family and friends and your beloved one are very important. This will calm you and make less sensitive to everyday routine problems. In case you think you cannot deal with stresses yourself, the specialists may help you by calming you and teaching to distract from any problems. Besides, there are a few recommendations aimed at the reducing of the influence of stress. They include self-confidence, uncensorious attitude towards others, understanding of your dearest people, physical activity and positive mood.

By correcting your way of living you will be able to decrease the risk of impotence, as well as reduce its manifestations, not related to the organic pathology.