5 Erectile Dysfunction Prevention Measures

Like many diseases erectile dysfunction can be also (in most cases) prevented or, if diagnosed at the initial stage, quicker and easier treated. There are many precautionary measures that can and should be taken in order to avoid any sign or any symptom to develop. However, the measures will work provided you have a desire not to permit any problem of this kind, not to avoid your physician and deal with reliable sources of aid like e.g. My Canadian Pharmacy. Basically, the disease is the result of either physical (in most cases) or psychological causes, so the measures taken fall into these categories.

If the Causes Are Physical

5 Erectile Dysfunction Prevention Measures

In most cases physical causes like medical conditions and unhealthy lifestyle habits are responsible for the development of erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and hormonal imbalance are only a few disorders that may act as catalysts. Unhealthy lifestyle involving alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse on the one hand and obesity and lack of physical activity on the other are not rare causes of ED as well.

So, following three preventive measures should involve these steps:

1. It doesn’t matter how unpleasant it may sound, but regular (especially in older men) check-ups as well as medical screening tests should become a kind of a routine. It’s perfect if there is no serious condition but, if anything appears, such a practice can help monitor any sign or symptom at an early stage. However, if the problem already exists, it should be properly and timely managed to avoid the complication that ED in fact is.

2. Since smoking, alcohol and drug abuse are those three bad habits affecting not only male sexual health but the overall one as well, these should be quitted or at least limited. It does sound common but it should be done if ED does not seem a pleasant companion for the rest of life.

3. Unhealthy eating habits as well as lack of at least 30-minute training daily are two more issues to tackle. You should lose weight not to put your cardiovascular system under much strain and exercise regularly if you want to exclude this ED causing factor.

If the Causes Are Psychological


Being responsible for around 20% of all cases psychological factors are often considered secondary reactions to some underlying physical causes. However, there are common specifically psychological causes like stress, anxiety, guilt, low self-esteem, depression or even childhood abuse and sexual trauma that may cause ED in both young men and older people. Keeping to the list of preventive measures let’s add two more:

1. First and foremost, you should take all the steps to not only remove any stress already brought on, but learn how to cope with it in general. Whether it is relationship, job, money-related source of distress, you have to find and learn how to quickly remove it before it has become acute enough to cause any serious disease including ED.

2. Any mental or emotional disorder may require professional help. If you are already suffering from either fits of anxiety or bouts of depression, turn to a therapist that can help you comprehend what the problem is and prescribe a short course of male Online Canadian medications before it turns into a more serious problem.

Bottom Line

These are major preventive measures that should be paid attention to. Unfortunately, there are cases like e.g. injuries of the penis, pelvis, bladder or spinal cord where no prevention can help and surgery is the only way out. If it is not your case, you have the options to avoid the problem that may affect your entire life. So, why not prevent it as soon as possible until it’s too late.