How To Maintain Good Erection For As Long As Possible?

In fact, there is a complex of various factors that threaten your erection to a varying degree. Moreover, some of them may be treated, and others cannot. You should not blame anyone. The most effective solution is to break off the bad habits. How to maintain the good erection for as long as possible?

The fist thing you should do is to stop smoking completely, as nicotine narrows the blood flow that has to be maximally wide during the excitement. This is necessary for the cavernous bodies to fill with blood fully that causes the sufficient erection. Besides, it is worthy of note that breaking off this really bad habit will improve the condition of some other systems of organs. Thus, your cardiovascular, respiratory and genitor-urinary systems will improve, that will reflect upon your general condition favorably.

The next bad habit that needs to be corrected is the consumption of alcohol drinks. Thus, you should not drink intoxicants or beer at all. However, it is noteworthy that a glass of dry wine daily will only make you more active sexually. The mechanism of detrimental influence of alcohol upon erection lies in reducing of male hormone testosterone in the body. Besides, it is worthwhile mentioning that it is not only the level of male hormones that decreases, but the concentration of feminine ones increases, that leads to feminization. In this case the man’s desire. Thus, in this situation even the administration of such medication as Viagra will not help as it starts working only after revival of the sexual instinct. That is why it is better to reduce the consumption of alcohol to absolute minimum.

Excessive weight may also decrease your erection sufficiently. It is necessary to mention that the culture of healthy food has been recently shadowed by the fast-foods and semi-prepared products. These products are dangerous not only for your sexual life, but also for your body in general. Apart from them, consumption of animal fats that are contained in meat products and various cheeses also has harmful influence. This is the type of fats that causes atherosclerosis that narrows the opening of vessels carrying blood to penis. So the diet comprising of a large amount of fruit and vegetables and a decreased volume of products of animal origin will be more balanced.

The physical activity is of primary importance for the quality of your sexual life. This is related to the fact that the right approach may help to improve the cardiovascular system and increase the blood flow to penis as a result. Besides, regular training will make you more attractive and release from the harmful influence of stress.

It would be great if you manage to avoid stress situations. To do this you may try to adopt certain techniques from yoga. Besides, going for sports would also be useful. It helps you to develop physically that improves your self-esteem and makes you more calm and confident, and gives vent to your emotions that is very important in our hectic world. You should not also forget about outdoor activities. You should choose a correct approach to planning of your spare time. Thus, it will produce several effects upon your sexual function at the same time.