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Possible Reasons For Penis Pain And Your First Aid To Yourself

If you have pain in the penis or scrotum, it may be a sign that something is not as it should be. You may need to go to an emergency room if are in a lot of pain. My Canadian Pharmacy in-house MD gives possible reasons for painful disturbances down there, and explains how to deal with them for the optimal health outcomes.

After masturbation or sex with someone else

Small rash or bruising on the penis after you have masturbated or have had sex are harmless. But if it starts to sting when you urinate or causes a lot of pain in the penis in any way, it is a good idea to get it examined. If for example you have masturbated much or had much sex, the penis can become sore or get small red, sore areas on the penis. It will be much like blisters. It is safe, and will heal by itself. Sometimes there can be small bruises after sex or masturbation. The reason is that a blood vessel has been squeezed to such that it has cracked. It is also harmless and heal by itself.


If it hurts when you urinate

If you have had unprotected sex and it then starts to sting when you urinate, it may be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or mycoplasma. Do the testing as soon as you can. You can do this at a youth clinic, health center or skin and venereal diseases cabinet. Sometimes the pain is caused by a urinary tract infection or inflammation of the urethra which is not due to a STD (sexually transmitted disease). For this, you can get help at any health center.

Penis fracture

If you bent the penis violently by accident, the erectile tissue or the membrane around the erectile tissue can be damaged. It is sometimes called penile fracture or broken penis, even if there is no bone in the penis that can be broken. It is a very rare injury, but if it happens it is important to seek treatment at a clinic or emergency room to be examined and given professional help right away.

Tender and sensitive glans

Sometimes the glans can be extra sensitive so that even just a light touch hurts. It may feel sore, stinging or burning. If you have had a tight foreskin before it may be the cause. The glans may be sensitive to touch because the formerly protected by the foreskin throughout. Another common reason may be that you wash too often or that you wash with soap or shower gel. It can make the skin dry, irritated and sensitive. It is just enough to wash the genital area once a day and it is sufficient to use lukewarm water.

In some cases it may be a skin disease that causes discomfort

Sometimes, blood vessels or lymph vessels in the penis can become inflamed. Then it can feel like calluses on the penis, which can be sore and hurt a little. It is harmless but to get to know for sure it is better that you are getting examined by a doctor.

If you experience pain in the scrotum

If it hurts in the scrotum, there can be many different reasons for this. If the pain in the scrotum is persistent, you should you take seriously and check out what it may be due to.

Testis rotation

If you suddenly get a lot of pain in the scrotum, go to an emergency room at once. It can be a testicle that has twisted and then you have to undergo surgery as soon as possible. The scrotum also becomes red and one testicle feels sore and swollen. The testicle is a small appendage which may also rotate. It is much more common than the testicle does. It also hurts but it’s not dangerous. But it is impossible to decide which type of rotation it is and why you should always seek emergency medical assistance in the first place.


One reason for the strong pain and swollen scrotum can be epididymitis. Then you also feel sick and get fever. Oftentimes, a sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea, is behind this. Go to a clinic or emergency room for help to rule out any of these.

Slight pain or pain that comes and goes

If you have a weak but persistent pain in the scrotum or pain that comes and goes, it is good to have it looked at. It is often hard to tell what caused it without examination. You can contact a youth clinic, health center or your family doctor.


If you have an inguinal hernia, the scrotum can hurt to the hernia has become wedged. This means that a piece of intestine been crushed and must be operated as fast as possible. The scrotum becomes red, tense, swollen and sore. The swelling often extends up to the groin. Go to an emergency room if you suspect you may have a hernia.

Impact on the scrotum

Blunt, hard blows or pressure on the testicles hurts but is usually harmless. Those have to be done with very great force for a testicle to be damaged. Contact a health clinic if you are worried.

If you do not know where it hurts

Sometimes it’s not the penis or scrotum that feels pain, or it may be difficult to know exactly where it hurts.

Inflammation of the prostate

You have pain in the penis and scrotum can sometimes be due to an inflammation of the prostate gland. There is a gland located around the urethra, about where the urethra leaves the bladder and goes out of the penis. An inflammation of the prostate gland is called prostate prostatitis. If you suspect this condition, you can get examined at a medical center. If you have an inflammation of the prostate gland, it can hurt the bottom in the back or deep in the abdomen, and the pain often radiates down the inner thighs and out of the penis and scrotum. It can also be difficult to urinate or you may need to urinate more often than usual. Sometimes ejaculating can also hurt.

Pain after you have been horny

It can hurt the scrotum, abdomen or genitals when you have been horny and excited for a long time and not had ejaculated. This is because the blood in the genital area increases as you get horny, and glands strapped out of the liquids produced at ejaculation. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where the pain comes from. Some feel it is the most in the scrotum or between the scrotum and rectum. Others feel it is in the stomach, or as a pressure of the bladder. It may feel uncomfortable, but it is not dangerous. Ejaculating is usually the fastest way to get rid of the pain. Otherwise, when the ache of arousal decreases, but it usually take longer if you do not ejaculate.

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