Your Personal Discounts at My Canadian Pharmacy – For All Orders From 400$

Visiting brick and mortar drugstores to get the needed medication is an archaism: very few people still do this, while the majority of others use the services of online stores like My Canadian Pharmacy There is a whole bunch of benefits that online pharmacies offer their customers. You surely know the main ones: affordability, reliability, confidentiality and time economy. But note that there are much more of them these days…

Pros for Working Moms from around the Globe

Personal Discounts

Working moms may not lack patience, will, strength and wisdom, yet they always lack time. When ordering from My Canadian Pharmacy they spend only ¼ of the time that they usually spend when going to a local drugstore. All they need is 5 minutes to make an order. There’s no need to sacrifice precious time or refuse from many responsibilities. Are you a working mom? If yes, then welcome to My Canadian Pharmacy!

Outstanding Shipping Services: 4 Main Delivery Rules That Make My Canadian Pharmacy Exceptional

Any buyer always takes into account pharmacy’s shipping services, their reliability, speed and legality. We are said to be reliable due to the outstanding shipping services that we provide daily. All the ordered medications are always delivered within a short time frame. Aside from time economy that we suggest here, our staff also works according to four basic rules, which assist in making our services really exceptional.

RULE 1 – Great Care:

  • Be sure that great care is always taken when delivering any medications to any destination. Ordering from us, you won’t have to deal with damaged or lost drugs. Cases of delays are extremely rare. But if they do occur, we are responsible for a repeated delivery organization.

RULE 2 – Adherence to Regulations:

  • My Canadian Pharmacy is known for its adherence to regulations of Canadian and other countries’ medical authorities while organizing the delivery. That is why the shipped medications are all in good shape and condition.

RULE 3 – Quality

  • Whatever drugs are ordered and shipped, their quality is always checked by specialists. We ensure that we never sell drugs that don’t meet basic and additional quality standards of various world organizations.

RULE 4 – Low Shipping Costs:

  • Our customers always get a chance to enjoy great shipping savings. Even an international delivery to distant locations is affordable to an average user.

Stay on Top of Meds and Be Current with Related Facts

Though there are many various online pharmacies with the greater part of MCP benefits, yet still not every of them offers a vast amount of info about the generic medications that you need. What is it done for? It helps make informed and deliberate decisions.

We ensure your easy access to the provided product information as well as various references to web sources other than you used to deal with or use information from. At My Canadian Pharmacy you will find whatever you need on dosage, warnings, effects, interactions and more.

Rare Medications Are in Stock

Availability of rare products is the reason for concern for most online pharmacies, but not ours. There are frequent cases, when buying the medications you need in your local area is next to impossible. Yet with MCP things are quite the opposite: we offer a broad list of goods to pick from. Rare ones are included in it. If you can’t find what you need, please address our support team and name the drug you’d like to see in assortment. We will add it for you.

Professional & Reliable Medical Advice

Do you find it had to get professional recommendations from a doctor? Do you feel embarrassed every time you make an appointment? Tell us about your concerns and health issues. Our professional medical practitioners will gladly help you in understanding the kind of disease that you are going through and will assist in finding the drug to treat it.

We never impose on making purchases. Our consultations are free of charge, yet they encourage the right and timely decisions.

Pick One out of a Variety of Payment Options

Personal Discounts

The offered payment system is EASY. My Canadian Pharmacy accepts payment through Visa and MasterCard as well as some other online payments that are popular today. Just pick the medication that you really need and pay for it within minutes. Our ordering system is easy-to-understand and use.

If the order amount is equal to $400, send us an e-mail letter making a request about getting an individual coupon code that ensures a 10-30% discount. Whatever questions you have, send your e-mails to and we will do our best to offer best coupons and discounts.

Be sure that you will find more benefits while ordering from My Canadian Pharmacy. And you will surely enjoy a possibility of saving money or time, making fast orders, getting pills within several working days and coping with the disease during a short period of time. Be happy and healthy together with My Canadian Pharmacy!

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