Treating Impotence with Korean Red Ginseng

Have you heard of Ginseng that has been used in the Far East since always? It’s the king of herbs that can decrease fatigue but increase stamina, ensure libido boost and do much more for erectile dysfunction treatment!  Though it seems to offer many benefits for one’s health, many questions still arise. Today we’d like to provide the answers that you’re looking for.

Traditional Uses of Red Ginseng

In traditional Chinese medicine it is called to be a supplement for overall health and wellness. It is said to:

  1. Decrease stress;
  2. Treat diabetes;
  3. Boost the immune system;
  4. Increase one’s energy;
  5. Improve the health of one’s heart;
  6. Help with impotence issues.

The root of the herb looks like a human body. It has shoots instead of legs and arms. So, it is obvious why Chinese people believe it to be an effective treatment for entire body.


What Are the Cons and Pros of Red Ginseng?

As many other supplements, this one has both pros and cons. Knowing them allows achieving better results and avoiding risks, if any. Speaking of pros, they are:

  • Prevention of colds and lessening of heart disease symptoms or their development;
  • Increase of alertness that improves one’s erectile dysfunction.

Possible cons are:

  • Interference with medications;
  • Increase of caffeine effects;
  • Absence of FDA-approval.

Some people confuse Korean red ginseng with that of America and Siberia. The two latter ones are quite different plants that are used for other needs. Korean red ginseng grows for about 5 years before it is allowed to be used. As the growing term is comparatively long, the cost is high as well. When the root is dried, yet not processed, it is referred as white ginseng. The one which is steamed and then dried is the red one.

How Does Red Ginseng Work for Male’s Health?

According to beliefs, the root contains the yang energy – positive, hot, male and stimulating by nature. The researches prove that the plant includes potent ginsenosides (or phytochemicals). These chemicals are called to be all-natural antioxidants that assist in:

  • Boosting levels of energy;
  • Reducing inflammation;
  • Ensuring quick relief from fatigue.

The plant is responsible for the improvement of the sufficient flow of blood, including the one to the penile area.

For your sexual performance: there was a belief that red ginseng can improve both male’s and female’s sexual performance. However, the recent trials proved that the root is more beneficial for males than females. It improves their sexual interest (libido) greatly! It enables the male’s body to withstand any stress or anxiety, when it comes to intercourse.

For your premature ejaculation: the supplement has proven its benefits for cases of male premature ejaculation. Regular treatment includes the application of the suspension cream to genitals (around 0.20 grams).

For your erectile dysfunction: red ginseng works reducing the basic symptoms of male impotence. The supplement makes erections easier to attain. They become firmer and last longer. It is said that the herb can cope with issues that are provoked by some common triggers. If impotence causes are rare and practically one-of-a-kind, this treatment option is of no use.

Safety of Korean Red Ginseng

red-ginseng_koreanReported side effects are generally mild. Yet lately, users got very much interested in how the remedy can affect male’s body, if it is used during a long period – around 6 months. The studies showed that insomnia is the most common adverse reaction. Some other rare reactions are:

  1. Rash;
  2. Headache;
  3. Dizziness;
  4. Elevated blood pressure and increased heart rate;
  5. Diarrhea and itching.

Are there any medications that can interact with Korean red ginseng? The herb has many active ingredients, so cases of interactions are possible, yet they aren’t life-threatening. Special attention should be paid to plant’s combination with:

It is strictly forbidden to combine the supplement with caffeine as the effects of the latter one will be enhanced greatly. As to the combination with alcohol, red ginseng affects the speed at which the body gets rid of any strong drink.

Korean red ginseng may interfere with blood clotting, which is why males with bleeding conditions must refuse from its administration. As long as the herb boosts the immune system’s activity, it shouldn’t be taken by males with the auto-immune condition.

What does this all mean? It means that even though the supplement is all-natural, it may pose risks to some males with erectile dysfunction problems. We suggest having a professional consultation before trying this type of treatment, especially if your body is affected by any chronic condition like heart disease, diabetes, etc.

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