Top-5 Impotence Misconceptions That Win ED Sufferers Over

Being the trendiest medication for erectile dysfunction therapy in men all over the world, Viagra still remains a pretty contradictory drug. There are many questions that remain unclear to most patients. There are too many misconceptions and myths that give an erroneous idea of what impotence and its medical cure really are. This article will help you distinguish truth and lies, yet only to some extent. What you really have to learn is how not to let a misconception ruin your therapy or the entire treatment process.


  • Dysfunction affects man only

There differentiate two types of dysfunctions: erectile vs. sexual. The first term describes impotence in males, and the second one describes female sexual problems that are triggered by their psychology and not physiology. Today most people believe that dysfunction influences males only; however, this is quite a common misconception.

Both sexes experience dysfunctions and tend to be embarrassed, withdrawn and moody. Most relationships break and both partners experience a mental effect.

  • Impotence happens in older men only

That’s another misconception. Dysfunction used to be an old man’s issue. Today millions of males face this condition at different points of their lives. Statistics says that men over 60 deal with the condition more often than others. However, Erectile Dysfunction commonly occurs in males in their 30’s, too.

  • ED is in one’s head, not in the body

Impotence in males has never been a purely mental problem. Some psychological issues or factors are involved (stress, permanent depression, sexual anxiety), yet in most cases a physical cause is a core trigger. Sometimes impotence is an indicator of a serious health condition. And while treating sexual disorder one should treat his diabetes, cope with the heart disease or cure his prostate cancer as well.

  • Herbs cure impotence forever

Nothing can cure erection problem once it occurs. Impotence can be treated with drugs, herbal and generic supplements, diets and exercising. They all will lead to improvements, if combined. However, believing that some herbs are able to cure impotence is a wrong idea. Herbs can’t treat the inner and underlying causes in males. Today there exist numerous impotence reasons, triggers or cases (name them whatever you like) and they all need either a surgical intervention or high-cost medications. Natural supplements should be treated as a secondary option, not the main one.

  • Medicine knows no effective treatment

Today’s pharmaceutical market offers various types of medications that assist in ED treatment. They all are effective for ensuring temporary results. They don’t offer the cure, but they give a chance for a perfect intercourse during 4-5 hours. You can pick pills, penile injections, vacuum devices or opt for a surgery.

Impotence has become a frequent condition for millions of males and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. If timely addressed, the issue is treatable and there’s always a chance to get back to a regular sexual life.

Top-5 Viagra Treatment Misconceptions That Plague Men

  • Viagra should be treated as an aphrodisiac

Some men do believe that Sildenafil blue pills are aphrodisiacs that help men gain and sustain erections and perform in bed as well as they did before ED. However, blue pills have never been aphrodisiacs, nor will they ever become. It is true that Viagra is a potent drug, but there’s no need to ascribe any additional capacities to it. Aphrodisiacs offer benefits only, yet they all are of low efficacy. Viagra has both pros and cons, leads to success and side effects, promises results, but they vanish in 4-5 hours. Viagra acts on a physical level, improves the blood flow and circulation, etc. It doesn’t tackle the mental side of the issue.

  • Viagra solves any condition

Male erectile disorder has two sides: the physical and the mental one. Blue pills are effective in fighting against the physiological causes, but they are useless in case ED reveals inner problems. Speaking of the physiological level, it should be noted that sildenafil is able to fix the condition for a few hours, yet still it won’t manage diabetes (type I or II, know more:, heart disease or a minor/serious liver problem as the trigger of impotence. Astyphia treatment is very different in every particular case. And often only a physician can decide whether Viagra is beneficial in every individual scenario.

  • Viagra protects against STD

This is a quite common myth. If you are on sildenafil, you aren’t protected from STD. While taking a small blue pill you still have to use various protection methods (condoms, for example). If not, this all can have bad results and impotence won’t be the only problem. STD, unplanned pregnancies and HIV are always the reasons for concern. It is better to prevent unwanted results than to have to deal with them.

  • Bigger Viagra dosage leads to prolonged effects

That’s yet another ungrounded myth. Every Viagra user is prescribed a definite dosage and it shouldn’t be changed. There are 25, 50 and 100 mg pills that are prescribed to different males with various ED stages, underlying causes and medical history. When a man takes more than it was prescribed, he is at the risk of overdosage and can suffer from severe complications. Numbers 25, 50 and 100 stand for the drug’s strength. They don’t affect the timeframe or efficacy.

  • Viagra is an addictive medication

Many ED sufferers are scared of getting used to Viagra not knowing that blue pills aren’t addictive. The drug includes main and secondary chemicals that help forget about problems with ED, and this is the main reason why persons with ED take sildenafil every time they are about to have sex. These ingredients aren’t addictive, so discontinuing them is an easy step. And great results are the only reason why patients don’t want to quit.

What’s the price of misconceptions? Men start making reckless decisions. They believe in what is said and written on the web instead of entrusting their health to a doctor, who knows how the male’s body reacts on medication’s components. Don’t let a misconception take your chances for recovery and great performance. Conclusions are made on the basis of the medical history and body responses and not on the myths that the Internet is filled with.