Facts You haven’t heard of low testosterone and diabetes

People associate the levels of testosterone with different health complications and deviations in human organism. Particularly in the organism of men. One of possible ailments that can be induced by the lack of this hormone in the organism is diabetes.Diabetes

There is no certainty that lowered male hormone obligatory induces diabetes. Some other factors may be the main reasons. Though such connection may not be obvious at first, there is some definite link between these two deviations. Both abnormalities are the result of some problems with immunity.

Commonly, lack of testosterone is induced due different factors. These include:

  • Metabolic violations;
  • Psychological factors (including stress, nervous tension, financial and family troubles etc.);
  • Inappropriate consumptions of foods that reduce it from the body;
  • Alcohol consumption;
  • Bacteria, viruses, infections;
  • Different medicines (such as anti-ulcer drugs or those that reduce potency);
  • Hereditary factor;
  • Traumas of the testicles and reproductive organs;
  • Lowered physical activity;
  • Bad habits;
  • Bioenergetic natural factors;
  • Aging (after 40 years the levels of this hormone begin to reduce in 70% of all men);
  • Ecological factors.

When talking about causes of diabetes, there is no confidence at all. This is a serious immune ailment and obviously, it is induced thanks to deviations of the immunity, some metabolic processes and so on. Nevertheless, the scientists cannot determine these processes. Nowadays, there are multiple discussions about the possible connection of these two health complications.

The Value of Testosterone

Most people are well acquainted with the major sex male hormone that is called testosterone. It is present in male and female organisms. Nevertheless, it significantly prevails in males and is almost absent in females. It is answerable for development of skeleton, increase of muscle weight, hair growth, tone of the voice and many other essential things that make out of a boy a real man. Definitely, it is answerable for the development and strengthening of erectile functions.

The concentration of this hormone decides who is the real man. Those boys who are attending gym and wish to be big and strong may not reach their aims. Under condition, they do not have enough of this vital hormone, they will never gain muscle mass and will be weak.

The lack of testosterone induces severe health complications, which involve all systems. Amongst them are certainly erectile dysfunction, loss of strength and muscle mass, irritability, hair loss, overweight, increase of breasts, which become similar to women’s. It also leads to other ailments. Possibly, diabetes is one of such.


This is a very severe disease, which is referred to incurable illnesses. Being induced to unknown reasons, it causes various kidney and heart ailments, blindness and other acute problems. The worst outcome of this disease is death. Nowadays, the most efficacious treatment against diabetes is injection of insulin. The scholars of the whole world are inventing different methods and therapies to overcome it, but they cannot find the one hundred percent salvation.

There are recognized two types of this disease. The type I is the state, when the immunity cannot define its own cells and attacks them. This leads to cell destruction and in its turn, this leads to death of the examinee. Type II is the resistance of insulin. Under such condition, the production of glucose does not happen. The insufficiency of insulin enhances the levels of sugar in blood, as there is no control of its concentration in the organism.

The Link between Lowered Testosterone and Diabetes

One study that took place in the year 2013 found that lowering of testosterone levels is capable to predict whether a man will receive type II of diabetes in future. There were tested over 300 of males with obesity and those who had no abnormalities with their weight. 44% of them had diabetes of type II and lowered levels of testosterone. 25% of the participants were not obese, which confirms the thought that overweight is not linked to insulin deviations.Obesity in men

Nonetheless, the factor of obesity should not be excluded. The main point is that due to abnormal body mass, the levels of the hormone reduce. Consequently, obesity is one of the factors that reduce testosterone. In its turn, lack of this hormone may induce diabetes.

In addition, low testosterone involves the pituitary gland. In many cases, these glands do not produce sufficient amounts of luteinizing. This is a specific hormone, which takes part in producing testosterone.

Treating Diabetes and Low Testosterone

It is obvious that both health deviations induce severe problems with health. The researchers try to find the possible ways out to treat both deviations.

Some physicians believe that a proper heart-healthy diet combined with physical exercises can improve the general health conditions. Definite life-style can positively influence the organisms of individuals who suffer from these two complications. Weight loss would increase testosterone levels and it would improve the health quality of people with diabetes. Multiple famous resources prove that reducing of calories in body steadily enhances the concentration of testosterone in body.

Additionally, there may be a beneficial combination with certain medications that should help people who are sick with diabetes. Multiple studies assure that such supplement also increases the levels of this hormone. Notwithstanding, you have to remember that under definite conditions, you may not use such combination. At times, health conditions make the usage of testosterone therapies dangerous. Therefore, your supervisor may prescribe therapies that are targeted to reduce it. Testosterone may enhance sensuality to insulin.

At any rate, this is not obligatory for everybody. Each case is unique. The most essential action is to consult an expert. He or she will determine all safe combinations and possible treatments for both occasions.