Effects Of Generic Viagra And Generic Levitra Rolled In One Pill: Meet Silvitra

How Erectile Dysfunction Drug Diversity Translates Into Efficacy

Erectile dysfunction remains to be one of the most pertinent issues of men’s health. And while there seem to be to many factors that contribute to the emergence of the disease, luckily for patients, they are reasonably counterbalanced with just as many solutions to fend it off with. Again, the list of available healthcare is consistently amplified. One of such latest additions is Silvitra – an oral pill that combines the benefits of sildenafil and vardenafil that are otherwise found in two most famous ED drugs, Viagra and Levitra. Silvitra might well be the key to optimizing your stalled ED routine. And in case you are poised with the choice between multiple alternatives, there is actually no need to choose – why don’t you actually accrue the benefits of two highly effective drugs at the same time?

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Both sildenafil and vardenafil are classified as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 (you will find them alluded to as PDE5 inhibitors in specific literature). Their slight difference lies with intensity of both benign and adverse effects: sildenafil we all know as the legendary Viagra is on the highest end of the efficacy spectrum among other drugs of the same class, while vardenafil (brand name Levitra) occupies the top position for the safety characteristics. So when the two outstanding features of both substances are brought together, you can easily guess that what you get as a result is a solution to restore a robust sexual function in a way that is least taxing for your body.

Below, we will brush upon each chemical separately to deepen your understanding of what Silvitra is – and why it makes sense to have both of the ingredients packed in one superpower pill. We will also attempt to figure out when it’s best to stick with monotherapy.

When Sildenafil (Viagra) Is The Best Choice

Sildenafil, the substance found in the diamond-shaped pill, is consistently reported to yield maximal efficacy in patients of varied age: a pill of Viagra containing sildenafil citrate 50 mg provides efficiency rate of 82% (in comparison to, roughly estimated, 81% and 79% for Cialis and Levitra, respectively). And this is not even the highest dose available on the market!

The action of sildenafil is concentrated, concise and therefore optimally targeted. The intensity of sildenafil action is what makes Viagra and its generics so very popular among ED-affected individuals. But there is a flip side to this medal, and it is the side effects that come with the territory. Although in their majority they are mild or moderate and short-lived, in patients with increased sensitivity towards sildenafil they can be quite a bother.

Sildenafil is designed to be used in persons suffering from mild to severe ED, the choice of dose depending on patient’s condition, age, general health and a number of other factors. And if the entire truth be told, Viagra receives so much publicity thanks to massive marketing investment that a large chunk of its proponents stick to it because of brand loyalty. Not that there was something wrong with the hype – sildenafil is a time-tested drug that is well worth its salt. But sometimes shoppers are unwilling to try something new for the fear of the unknown mixed with apprehension for potential inefficacy and nasty side effects that would add insult to such injury.

When Levitra Is The Best Choice

If any of the above applies to you, you might want to consider getting medicated with vardenafil (found by the brand names of Levitra, Vivanza and others) – an oral ED solution whose side effect profile is the lowest among its PDE5 inhibitor brethren.

Vardenafil safety has been proven by more than fifteen patient-years. The most common of the drug’s side events are headache, nausea, dyspepsia, flushing and nasal congestion. According to the manufacturer’s statistics, vardenafil causes side effects in 1 patient out of 100. Other side effects such as alternated color perception, skin rash, difficulty breathing, swelling of lips and face reportedly affect no more than 1 out of 1,000 vardenafil takers.

Sometimes it is not so much for the low side event profile that Levitra is chosen over Viagra. Inexplicably, your body may react in a much more agreeable way to the medicinal effects of vardenafil than to those of sildenafil. The actual truth is that while there is some objective divergence in application and outcomes of oral ED agents, there is no foolproof way to pinpoint which of the existing sex pills is the best. It is by trying several (or all of them, naturally, with maximal dose allowance and compatibility rules in mind) that one picks the most fitting therapy.

As internal statistics at My Canadian Pharmacy www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com have it, it is not an uncommon practice for customers to bounce off Viagra in favor of Levitra, off Cialis to Viagra, off Levitra to Cialis or anything in between, including multiple generic ED drug options available today. The simple fact is that before you find your Holy Grail product and it clicks, you might have to swallow scores of ED tablets that will leave you feeling underwhelmed.

Silvitra at My Canadian Pharmacy: The Joint Benefits Of Viagra And Levitra

erection-diagramIn connection with what has been outlined above, grabbing a pill that contains two active ingredients mathematically doubles up your chances for ultimately successful outcomes. Alternatively, if you find both Viagra and Levitra to be beneficial in your individual case and you don’t feel like trading off one for the other, a win-win solution is to go ‘middle of the road’ with Silvitra – a novel ED drug that unites together the best features of the two. Let’s have a closer look at how it works in practice.

Vardenafil has the same mechanism of action as sildenafil and other inhibitors PDE5: by fostering elasticity of blood vessels, it contributes to their expansion (dilation) and consequential improvement of blood flow in the genitals that makes it possible to achieve a sustainable erection. Intuitively, the taking instructions are the same for both medicines: an hour before sexual activity is anticipated. This is what makes the two ingredients of Silvitra so very combinable, while their unique benefits complete each other for one perfectly power-packed formula for when you want to impress.

The bottom line is, the action of Silvitra equates to the double effect of the two components, sildenafil and vardenafil, which is an unparalleled efficacy of the former and low side effect profile of the latter.

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx Advising On Where To Buy Silvitra Online

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx (mycanadianpharmacyrx.com) never tires to remind the readers that before sending any healthcare product to the shopping cart, one should get doctor’s approval. As long as the diagnosis is established and prescriber’s permission is secured, the next challenge is to find a trusted drugstore whose price bids will not burn a whole in your checking account.

It is not a secret that the price formation principles in healthcare are not governed by any common sense rules. This creates wide disparity in accessibility to pharmaceutical products manufactured by original developers. One way of changing the way the game is played is opting for generically produced healthcare items, which cost up to ten times less than the original preparations simply by virtue of not being produced by the company that originally discovered the drug.

On the example of Silvitra one can conclude that generic production of pills brings more than the advantage of low cost into the bargain: it adds much more value by diversifying the existing range of the drug forms. Produced by certified in their country of origin, Silvitra tablets provide safe and effective health outcomes for a fraction of the price charged for either of its analogs.

Attention  should be paid to the source one resorts to when mail-ordering their pharmacy products. A safer way to make sure that the e-tailer can be trusted is to shop with My Canadian Pharmacy platform that brings together hundreds of healthcare offers from suppliers whose eligibility has been verified by certified staffers and satisfied customers. The services here include answering customer queries for specific drugs in the specific price range and negotiating discounts with drug suppliers on the part of shopper. Other benefits of buying Silvitra from Canadian Pharmacy become more obvious when you get acquainted with our policies and reward politics.