What are the effects of Vega H Cream (Viagra Cream)?

It is extremely important to find a proper treatment for every particular medical case, right? When it comes to erectile dysfunction therapy, many males miss out on the chance of traditional treatment with oral drugs because they either don’t want to take a tablet to avoid severe side-effects or are just contraindicated to pills due to health-related reasons.

Still, people who need drugs to cure impotence do not like to be limited in treatment options. ED treatment manufacturers did not leave this point unattended and invented Viagra-like creams that are claimed to work as effectively and safely as the brand-name medicine. One of these creams is Vega H – the game-changing drug for outward application aimed to help men overcome erectile problems and hence, recover self-esteem, improve interpersonal relationships, and get rid of depression and performance anxiety.

What is Vega H Cream (Viagra Cream)?

Vega H Cream, a Viagra-based cream is an ointment containing Sildenafil Citrate – the active agent of original Viagra. This means that such a cream possesses all the properties of PDE5 inhibitors – drugs used to treat poor erection. As the cream is applied topically on the penile skin, it delivers a much quicker action compared to swallowing a pill.

After absorption, Sildenafil provokes the relaxation of smooth muscle cells that cover a penis’s blood vessels. This relaxation is induced by elevated levels of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), which is produced in the corpus cavernosum (two spongy bodies inside a male sex organ) under sexual stimulation.

To keep an organism chemically balanced, phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), an enzyme located in the same erectile tissue, starts the degradation of cGMP. By binding to the receptors of PDE5, Sildenafil Citrate acts like a competitive agent that inhibits (blocks) the activation of the PDE5 enzyme. Such a selective behavior of Sildenafil results in a higher concentration of cGMP and thus in a stronger erection.

Put it medically, Viagra cream is a vasodilator (it widens arteries and promotes penile blood supply). Unlike a pill, Viagra cream does not have an action throughout the body but acts locally in the place where it is intended to work.

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Obviously, the Viagra cream is much easier to use; moreover, it does not upset a stomach and cannot affect hepatic metabolism like conventional treatment with pills typically does. For example, Vega H Cream ointment only needs verbal instructions from a fully-trained medical specialist about its application and precautions. Sildenafil-based creams can be prescribed in the primary care, giving physicians and healthcare providers an ability to help more patients complaining of the erectile dysfunction.

The effect is achieved in approximately 15 minutes and is reported to last 4—5 hours what is more than enough for a sexual intercourse satisfactory for both partners. According to premarketing clinical trials that involved over 3000 men of diverse populations, Viagra cream proved well-tolerated. The side effects initiated by Viagra cream were extremely rare and only varied from mild to moderate what makes this treatment a good alternative to oral ED drugs.

How is Viagra cream used?

Vega H, the most recognized and prioritized Viagra-based cream in Canada is produced in 15 mg tubes. Each gram of the product contains Sildenafil Citrate 2% and Lignocaine Hydrochloride 2% in a water soluble base. With thoroughly washed hands, a thin layer of the substance is gently applied over the opening of a penis without rubbing motions 15—30 minutes prior sex. Like the original pill, Viagra cream should not be used oftener than every 24 hours. Once the application is finished, a man needs to wash his hands to prevent contact with eyes as there is a risk of blurred vision.

As well as Sildenafil, the Viagra cream is only indicated for patients over 18 who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction by a qualified medical specialist. If a man considers using Viagra cream, he is required to consult a physician and clarify with the doctor all the issues concerning present and past medications, especially those drugs that control blood pressure, because these pharmaceutical agents increase the risk of adverse effects and prevent Vega H from working well in these patients.

Also, Viagra-based ointments must not be taken in combination with other PDE5 medications, and they must not be used by those males who have penile implants or a history of penile surgery. Creams containing Sildenafil cannot be concomitantly used with organic nitrates (often found in medications that treat angina) otherwise, there is a high probability of a life-threatening drop in arterial pressure.

Men whose female partner is pregnant, breastfeeding or plans pregnancy is advised to wear a condom while using Viagra cream as Sildenafil may evoke maldevelopment in a fetus.

Overdose with Viagra cream has not been yet reported. Though, it is suggested that the overdosage might result in hypotension and priapism, prolonged erection, often painful. In a case of suspected overdose, a patient requires medical attention to resolve these symptoms.

Why is Viagra cream a right candidate to treat ED?

According to the latest research, Viagra cream has proved safer and more effective than the traditional tablet therapy. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study in which it is stated that such an alternative to pills means fewer side effects and an accelerated action of the ointment.

A Viagra cream like Vega H allows active substances that treat erectile dysfunction to be put directly on the skin of a penis what makes them safer to use. This is so because Sildenafil is confirmed to get fully absorbed through the skin in small particles. The time response to the microparticles is practically immediate (just a couple of minutes while in humans it takes 30—60 minutes for an oral erectile dysfunction product to take action). This is basically what patients want and expect from an ED medication.

Though erectile dysfunction pills have revolutionized the global pharmaceutical environment and today millions of men worldwide are using them, still, this tablet therapy carries the risk of undesired side effects including painful urination, dizziness, abnormal vision, eye bleeding, severe nausea, and so on. Above this, males with chronic heart conditions are not advised to take the pills altogether or take them under close medical supervision.

This problem is easily solved with a properly chosen treatment alternative. Viagra-like creams confine a higher concentration of the active substances that is applied to a single body area meaning the drug will not circulate throughout the organism, affecting all the systems and leaving a certain amount of the drug in the bloodstream.

During clinical trials, there were no signs of local itching or inflammation produced by the microparticles of Sildenafil while it is known that Viagra tablets often cause skin rash, hives, ulcers, and feeling of burning.

Since Viagra creams like Vega H produce fewer side effects, they can be safely used by senior patients over 65 who are typically more subject to complications and often have a lot of contraindications to oral ED treatment including coronary arterial disease, heart failure, liver and kidney conditions.

Fat meal delays the action of oral ED drugs and alcohol combined with PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra lowers blood pressure leading to faintness, face flushing, headache, and rapid heartbeat. With topical treatments, a patient will never have such problems because the active agent does not enter the stomach and consequently cannot interact with food and ethanol.

When price matters, brand-name Viagra pills are not the best candidates to cure erectile dysfunction as one blue tablet may cost up to $35 what is absolutely not budget-friendly especially for those who need to use a dose on a daily basis. A Viagra cream tube costs $15 on average and it is enough for a month of everyday use due to Sildenafil’s targeted local effect.


Viagra cream has all chances to replace branded Viagra from the pharmaceutical market as such a cream:

  • Is as effective as the original drug thanks to the same active agent;
  • Causes less side effects;
  • Has an enhanced action due to local target application;
  • Costs several-fold cheaper;
  • Does not interact with alcohol and food;
  • Acts in mere minutes.

Though Viagra cream proved its efficacy and safety for patients suffering from erectile problems, still it is a prescription topical drug meaning a man diagnosed with ED should consult his doctor and take all necessary lab tests to make sure Sildenafil is not contraindicated for him even in small particles.

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